Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Andres Iniesta With New Wife Ana Ortiz

Andres Iniesta moved toward getting hitched to his lifelong mate Anna Ortiz in a huge ol’ ch√Ęteau over the weekend and a unending slew of footballing talent created the event. The wedding of Andres Iniesta and Ana Ortiz assumed 8 July 2012 in the beautiful venue of Castell de Tamarit. Then again Spanish football star Andres Iniesta and his revamped wife Anna Ortiz spent their special night on the vacation spot in Cancun, Mexico. 
 Andres Iniesta & Ana Ortiz
 Andres Iniesta-Ana Ortiz
 Andres Iniesta Kissing Ana Ortiz
 Andres Iniesta With His New Wife
Andres Iniesta With Ana Ortiz

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